Színes Város Have Unveiled Another Colourful Mural in Budapest

Budapest seems to have become a hotbed for murals, with the artistic association, Színes Város, behind a lot of the amazing pieces popping up on buildings across the city. If you take the stroll near Baross utca you’ll see the latest mural, which will ignite an air of nostalgia amongst the country’s 80’s babies.

Photo: Willie Gevertz – Like Locals

A Színes Város creation, this artwork does exactly what the collective was created for, to add life and colour to the city’s public spaces. This striking mural depicts a scene from the Hungarian classic, The Little Fox.

Photo: Willie Gevertz – Like Locals

This animated film followed the journey of Vuk, an orphan fox who developed a sneaky streak to survive in the big world and save his vixen friend, Foxy, from the farm where she was imprisoned by an evil hunter.

Photo: Willie Gevertz – Like Locals

Featured in the mural are some of the main characters from this cartoon, which include: Vukot the little fox, Nyaút the cat, Hút the owl, Csuszt the Lizard and Karakot the old fox. So if you happen to be in town, make sure to stop by to check it out, it’s totally worth it, trust us.

Location: Baross utca 109

Stay tuned as Szines Varos will be painting other buildings across the city, with new mural promised very soon. In the meanwhile, to see some other amazing murals in Budapest by Szines Varos and more, be sure to download the Like Locals app now and see what magical mural await to catch your eye. Available to download now for free on iOS and Android devices.