Zappeion Hall

At the southern end of the National Garden you will come across the Zappeion building. It now hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year, with puppetry and outdoor cinema open to the public during the summer. It has a large, open courtyard at the front where Athenians and tourists stroll by every day, and a nice cafe with lots of outdoor seating next to it. This is the building where the first indoor modern Olympics event was ever held, back in 1896. We associate Pierre de Coubertin as the person who revived the Olympics, by officially founding the International Olympic Committee in 1894. Much less known is the fact that in 1856, before Coubertin was even born, Evangelis Zappas wrote to King Otto of Greece offering to fund the revival of the Olympics. He did so by sponsoring the first modern international Olympics held in Athens in 1859, and continued to show his support by funding the Zappeion building which has been at the epicentre of the Olympic Games and modern Athens’s history.

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