The Prison of Socrates

A great display of the renowned and efficient Athenian architecture. Some say it was a prison, others say it was just a house, the truth, however, is lost in time. The most widely accepted theory is that it was a prison where the great Greek philosopher Socrates was held captive, as he awaited trial in 399BC. Imprisoned for corruption and challenging the accepted beliefs in Athens at that time, Socrates was sentenced to execution via poisoning. It’s rumoured that it was in one of these rooms where the chalice of poison was given to him, leading to his ultimate death. Ok, so these rumours aren’t true, but most likely came from the fact that tiny vessels containing poison were found here. One thing for certain though is the important role it played in preserving historical artefacts during World War I and II, when historical monuments from the Acropolis were bought here for safekeeping from Nazi’s.

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