The Legend of the White Stag

The White Stag mural is a kaleidoscope of colours and the creation of street artist, BreakOne. As the legend goes, a White Stag – or ‘miraculous hind’ as the mural is titled, showed up one day to lead two brothers Hunor and Magor to the promised land – modern day Hungary. This was estimated to be sometime in the early 5th century. Hunor followers became the Huns as eventually led by the fearsome warrior Attila – while Magor’s followers – the Magyars – only returned to the Carpathian basin 5 centuries later for the conquest in 896. The legend of the White Stag is a wonderful tale that has actually been translated into a famous English edition by Hungarian-born American author Kate Seredy which won the Newbery prize in 1937 for best children’s book that year. Great read!!!

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