The Garden of Philosophy

To get there just keep on walking up the road that leads from the Erzsébet Bridge and follow a branching footpath up along the northern neck of Gellért hill. There are a few different statues in this garden and several vantage points to claim as your own private picnic niche. The garden is named for a cluster of unique statues in its back corner. They are the creation of Magyar sculptor Nándor Wagner who carved the piece back in 1997. Gathered around a strange silver orb are the founders of the world’s most famous religions: Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, Laozi and Akhenaten. Surrounding them are Gandhi, Daishi, and Saint Francis. A truly surreal sight. Close by, is another statue of Princess Pest and Prince Buda, a symbolic reference to the joining of these two formerly distinct cities. Budapest, man what a place.

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