The Dora Stratou Dance Theatre

For over 50 years, this open air theatre has been the mecca for masses looking to learn and experience the art of Greek folk. The theatre is named after Dora Stratou, a pioneer of the Greek folk style who’s resume includes one of the largest collections of folk music released. The daughter of Prime Minister Nikolas Stratos, she formed Greek Dances-Dora Stratou Society in 1953, an organisation devoted to the preservation of the Greek folk music and dance. Every summer, there is a daily showcase at the theatre, giving people an insight and unique experience of the variations of Greek Folk music and dance, its namesake founder devoted her life to preserving. Each show has around 75 performers, all wearing the original outfits and jewellery from centuries ago. Since it began, the theatre has run 7000 performances and hosted 3 million spectators from around the world, even winning the first World Theatre award by the International Theatre Institute.

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Athina, 117 41 Greece
Athens 117 41 GR
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