Temple of Augustus – Barcelona

Tucked away inside a medieval courtyard on Carrer Paradís are the remains of the Temple of Augustus. Erected over 2000 years ago by the Romans, this hidden gem is older than Barcelona itself. The temple dates back to 1BC when the Roman Empire was the ruling force of the world. According to Historians, worshippers used the temple up until the 4th Century, after which the Christian emperors took control and eventually demolished it. Centuries went by and it seemed that this gem would remain hidden forever. That is until its ruins were discovered in the 19th Century. Initially kept in separate places, the remains of this once mighty temple were bought back to their rightful home. The current location is the supposed site where the Temple of Augustus stood 2000 years ago. When you see these four historic columns, you’ll feel like you’re back in the heyday of the Roman empire.

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Carrer de la Boqueria 10
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