Syntagma Square

These are the grounds that have held some of the largest political rallies the world has seen. This still hasn’t changed today. Since the parliament building is right beside the square most demonstrations are held here to be within earshot of the ministers. Most of these demonstrations do not last too long, and are often interesting to watch. The saying goes that no matter where you have to go in Athens, if you find Syntagma Square you can find your way. Syntagma is the Greek word for Constitution, and this square has been the location where every major event, both mourning and celebrations have been held. A popular and military uprising took place in the Greek Capital on September 3, 1843. After this, King Otto was obliged to grant the first Constitution of Greece. In memory of the event, the then known Palace square was renamed to Constitution Square or Syntagma Square in Greek.

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Platia Sintagmatos
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