Stoa of Attalos

this structure isn’t the one from 150BC. It’s a replica constructed by the American School of Classical Studies, who were integral to the Agora’s excavation. The construction of the original pearly palace was overseen by King Attalos, the ruler of Permanon. Although not Greek, he came and learnt so much from this Ancient land, and as a debt of gratitude gave the go-ahead for its construction. Spread over two storeys, this Stoa functioned as a place we all go to today, a shopping mall. On the ground floor is now a museum, but in the past was the site of dozens of shops. The upper floor was ancient offices but is now home to the school behind its construction. In its heyday, the stoa was a hive of social activity, from shoppers browsing to people chilling covered from the blazing sun. The Agora is mostly ruins, but if you want to see some artefacts which have been well preserved, head inside the Agora Museum. There are so many magnificent monuments for you to marvel at inside

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