St. Stephen’s Basilica

Szent István, the first Catholic King of Hungary, was crowned in the year 1,000 and reigned for nearly forty glorious years. Today he is revered as the father of the Hungarian state and the Basilica is a fitting tribute. Completed in 1905, it towers above the city at 96 meters, an equal height to the famous Hungarian parliament. The grounds of the Basilica are marvellous to behold. Out front, you have the main courtyard which is a great – albeit crowded – place for a photo opportunity. The interior of the Basilica matches its exterior for grandeur and it’s definitely worth your while to head in for a peek. You can also climb up to the cupola for an unrivalled view of the whole city. Priced at 600 HUF per ticket and totally worth it.

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Szent István tér 1
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