Rumbach Sebestény street The most famous murals of al

Located on Pozsonyi út which is a charming street ensconced in leaves and artisanal eateries. Sarki is at the end of it all, but certainly worth the walk. Only time I’ve been here was with my pal Ders. We gorged ourselves on a good old fashioned European breakfast – with ice cold mineral water – staring at our own reflections on the strangely curved, windowed facade of the shop. Just beyond our ugly mugs were rows of gooey gourmet cheeses, flanks of fresh meat and ceiling high stacks of the choicest Hungarian wines. The outdoor patio is pillowed in light and ambience and once indoors you’ll feel like you’re in the wet dream of a middle aged divorcée running amok through the streets of Paris.

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Rumbach Sebestyén utca 6
Budapest 1075 HU
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