Poco a Poco

A nice little neighbourhood bar. I recommend you take a seat on the wooden benches outside to enjoy a beer, or a cocktail. It has a super simple, but adorable decoration and it truly transmits a neighbourhood vibe. Come have a drink here before or after dinner, or if you happen to stroll by during the day, it offers a place to unwind. Let’s talk a bit about the name of this place; Poco a Poco is a Spanish phrase that means little by little. More than a phrase it is a lifestyle, it is a philosophy on how to take life. It is a philosophy very ingrained in Mediterranean culture, you take life little by little , slowly and with no stress. The locals seem to have over-appreciated this little gem which can be found jam-packed with people flowing into the streets on busy weekend nights. Definitely worth a visit!

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Loukianou 13
Athina 106 75 GR
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