Platia Iroon

Iroon square lies in the centre of Psyrri, surrounded by traditional taverns, cafes and shops. The name translates to “Hero Square” and although you might be overwhelmed by the colourful buildings, the bustling local crowds and the plants that are hanging over the streets, remember to look up and gaze upon a masterpiece of a mural that was created by Alexandros Vasmoulakis. Vasmou, as he likes to be called, is a 39-year-old local artist who has made his name through his pieces of art across the city that come in many forms; large scale murals, sculptures, installations and more. He uses a mix of media including collage, photography and paint to convey his messages. Like this mural, a lot of his work features faces, and his aim is to portray the dynamic emotions between his characters –each of which reflects his mood at the time of creation.

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Platia Iroon 1
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