Sitting slap bang in the centre of this ancient citadel, this imposing structure is an architectural masterpiece and has ruled the skyline of Athens for over 2400 years. Visible from all corners of the city, the Parthenon looks amazing from a distance, but even more impressive up close. The Parthenon is a prime example of the perfectionism and precision of Ancient Greek construction. The most sought after stonemasons from across the empire were assembled for its creation. You probably can’t tell due to wear and tear from war, but the structure was made up of 13,000 individual pieces of precious marble stone, assembled together so well, that the joints were said to be watertight. Now a must-see site for people visiting Athens, it has served many different purposes over the years. It was initially constructed as a temple after the original was destroyed by the Persians. However, the control of its destiny has changed many times since then. It was used as a church during the Byzantine era and even a mosque. However, when the Ottomans invaded, it was used to store ammunition and in 1687 an explosion severely damaged the structure. After years in ruins, recent restoration work has been done to try and return it to former glory. Talk about having an eventful past.

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