Park of Maritime Tradition

The Park of Maritime tradition is an homage to the 3000 years of Naval ethos that Greece has. Here is where you can see all of the naval history that Greece has, showing you the ships of different purposes, from 480BC until WWII. This park was built with the intention of giving its viewers a humbling experience through the ages: and it does that so well. There are truly some fascinating ships in here, but the one that truly sticks out is actually an exact replica of ancient Athenian trireme ship – a major weapon of Athenian democracy, it is the ship that handed Greeks the victory over the Persian fleet in the Battle of Salamis in 480BC. This battle is regarded as one of the most decisive battles in human history, shaping the course of human civilization as we now know it.

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Palaio Faliro 175 61, Greece
Palaio Faliro 175 61 GR
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