Panathenaic Stadium

Known as the Panathenaic Stadium, the original arena was constructed around 400BC and was where the important events and ceremonies of the time would take place. From the Panathenaic Games, to the inauguration of Roman Emperor Hadrian in 120AD. Soon after this it was reconstructed using the finest marble picked from peaks of Mount Pendeli, and is still the only arena made up entirely of marble. In recent times it fell out favor and was left derelict and in despair until it’s revival was initiated by the iconic Greek benefactor George Averoff for the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896. When the Olympics returned in 2004, it was used again but this time for more ceremonial purposes rather than actual events, with artists like Bob Dylan and Tina Turner performing here live. So Hadrian, The Olympic Games, and Bob Dylan, talk about having a colorful history.

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