Nasty Garage

The Nasty Garage is an internationally renowned venue that is the brainchild of a dynamic DJ duo who’ve pioneered Barcelona’s nightlife scene for the past 13 years. The inside space is inspired by the 80’s rock’n’roll lifestyle which is visible in every direction. Firstly you have the vintage and retro Garage Store, where you’ll find products that truly embody Nasty Garage’s identity. The White Room is a more open space where DJ Sören keeps his insane collection of vintage Vespa’s. The third room is The Skateboard Museum, housing the rarest and most valuable skateboards in the world. At the start of every week, they host the famous Nasty Monday night. What started off as a night out and has since morphed into an artistic movement that showcases Barcelona’s bohemian and arts culture. The themes change weekly, as well, so no night is ever exactly the same.

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Carrer de Trafalgar 53.B
Barcelona 08010 CT ES
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