Massolit Books & Cafe

An independent, English-language bookstore right in the heart of the Jewish quarter along Nagy Diofa utca. Judit, the proprietor, is a lovely local woman willing to lend a hand if you are looking for a particular title. They’ve got everything from local literature, to classic English titles and every academic topic under the sun. There’s Irish poetry, travelers tales, cheap paperbacks and rare titles from around Eastern Europe. Massolit is also a great cafe. They’ve got freshly made pastries, tons of tea and type of coffee you’d like. This is the perfect location to get some work done, relax with your book and swill some quality caffeine. Please note that it is a bookstore and not a library, so if you want to try out a title before purchasing it ask nicely. Usually they will accommodate.

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Zenta utca 3
Budapest 1111 HU
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