Marina Zeas

Welcome to the “jewel of Piraeus”, or the “Monte Carlo of Athens” if I may! When the weather is good, I always make sure to come here once a week and enjoy the island-like tranquillity of this bay. It is a very well protected bay with a narrow stretch of water connecting it to the sea, making it the ideal location for people to have their boats and escape on holiday weekends. It used to be the largest military harbour in Ancient Greece and became the place where the first international modern Olympics took place in Athens in 1896. It has grown to become a highlight of the city, with many tourists overlooking it on their way to catch their ferries to the islands from Piraeus. Just walk along the bay and the shops and taverns are sure to grab your attention.

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Pireas 185 36, Greece
Pireas 185 36 GR
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