Love Thy Neighbour Mural

If you walk around this area of Budapest, you’ll notice some amazing pieces of street art scattered around. Some say that it looks tacky, but after seeing this next graffiti, you might just fall in love with it. Known as Love Thy Neighbour, this awesome mural is relatively new but has fast become the figurehead for street art in the city. From up close it looks similar to the Rubki’s cube mural, just full of lines and dots. When you step back though, you’ll see the mural is made up of a red heart in the centre, with a turquoise background and blue writing which says, Love Thy Neighbour. The meaning of this mural is open to personal interpretation. With some saying it’s actually talking about taking care for and understanding the refugees moving into the city from war-torn nations. It’s one of those things, no matter who you speak to, you’ll get a different answer.

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