Liberty Bridge

At the foot of the famous Gellért hotel is the powder green Liberty bridge. It’s the shortest and In my opinion the most aesthetically interesting bridge in Budapest. The double backed dragon will provide visual contextualization as you climb to Gellért’s peak. It was originally built for the 1896 millennium exhibition to commemorate the 1,000 year anniversary of the Magyar conquest of the Carpathian basin. The uniquely colored bridge was originally named after Habsburg emperor Franz Josef but has since been renamed Szabadság (Liberty). Watch the boats list wistfully down the glittering river as you cross the bridge. Finally arrived at Gellért tér. Turn back, watch the traffic pitter-patter under the suspensions as mustard yellow trams slip across the Danube. Look for the Turul Eagle at the apex of each arch. He is the legendary bird of Magyar Legend who sent Emese her dream.

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