Kádár Étkezde

The magnificent Kádár restaurant has been serving authentic Hungarian dishes since 1957. It’s a charming place with plastic covered picnic table cloths, enormous soda spritzers at your seat and walls covered with black and white photos of their celebrity guests. Two important things to remember before eating here. 1. It’s cash only. 2. Closing time is 3:30 This is a no pretension dining experience with hearty, usually meat based dishes, plenty of starch and pickled veggies. There is a vast menu though, so you should be able to find something, even for the vegetarians in the crowd. Try the lamb pörkölt – Hungarian stew – or have your first Gulash of the trip, it’s delicious here. Chicken Paprikash is also an old school classic, filled with flavours from the countryside. The homemade raspberry soda is a refreshing accompaniment no matter what you order.

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Klauzál tér 9
Budapest 1072 HU
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