Kaán Károly Lookout

Hárshegy is the penultimate stop on the Children’s Train and features the most spectacular lookout point of the city: Kaán Károlyi. This medieval-looking wooden outpost will carry you up to see for miles around. Kaán Károly was a Hungarian politician and lived from 1867 until 1940. It’s fascinating how much he saw and experienced from the history of the country. He was alive to see the Millennium celebrations of 1896 and then watched his homeland torn apart in the wake of World War I with the treaty of Trianon, depriving Hungary of 66% of its former landmass. To top it all off he died in the midst of World War II. It’s worth visiting. There are numerous walking trails to get to the lookout point itself and all of them are awe-inducing but what you’ll see at the top is even more breathtaking.

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