Handel & Hendrix Museum

When it comes to music, few addresses can boast being the former home of two icons quite like 23-25 Brook Street. Both Jimi Hendrix and G. F. Handel lived here, albeit on different floors in different era’s. Now you can step into the past, and experience the lives of these musical maestros. The floor on which Handel lived houses painting, furniture and intriguing historical info of his time here. Then Hendrix floor is the more impressive of the two, littered with guitars, furnishings, info and videos detailing the story if the rock’n’roll kings time here. Operated by an army of super friendly and knowledgable volunteers, its totally with popping down to show some love, so this piece of history can be preserved for future generations. The adult ticket costs £10, with a children pass at £5 during the weekdays and free on the weekends.

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Brook Street 25
London W1K 4HB England GB
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