Gellért Thermal Bath

Let me be honest with you: the Gellért baths are not my favorite thermal refuge in the city. Yet I will readily admit that they are the most unique from an architectural perspective. While Rudas, Kiraly and Veli Bej can be grouped as Ottoman style baths and Lukacs and Szechenyi are neoclassical if anything, Gellert Bath house is the only bath to emphasize the confusing brilliance of art nouveau. The bizarre decorations of these indoor and outdoor thermal chambers will transport you to the turn of last century. Oh! To the bath you go! Luxuriate in the waters, reflect on your presence in this ancient city. Relax your muscles in the warming liquid touch. Feel yourself float within the metaphorical womb. It is now time to continue onwards; effervescent in spirit and ready to walk across a dream.

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