Fiumei Road National Graveyard

Visiting a cemetery may sound slightly morbid, but Fiumei is pretty fascinating and totally worth checking out. It’s a veritable statue park, with intriguing mausoleums, one of the biggest pantheons in Europe, a fascinating museum and plenty of secluded spots of shade to reflect upon the meaning of it all. Walk around for a bit and see what catches your eye. Absorb the magnificent tragedy of the Hungarians. These people: withered by war, pressured by time, and fatigued by failure. Somehow persevering, surviving, creating an ideal of elegance in the face of dismay. A rich history threaded with the weave of uncountable influences. Wander the tombs of Kossuth, Arany, Ferenc Deák and distill this essence for yourself. As an added bonus you’ll recognize many of these names from the street signs you’ve seen thus far

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Fiumei út 16
Budapest 1086 HU
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