Evripidou Street

SPICES, FLOWERS, COLORS EVERYWHERE! This is the most fragrant street in all of Athens. As you may have come to experience by now is that we Athenians love good food, and so many of us will travel all the way here to buy the very best spices to add a distinguishing flavour to our food. Based on what the stores are selling, Evripidou street can be divided into four different zones. Above Aiolou street it is very much like any other central street of Athens, with small shops and modern cafes. The interesting part is located between Aiolou and Athinas street where each shop is solely dedicated to selling food, like nuts and cheese. The next part is my personal favorite between Athinas and Menandrou street: this is where you come to buy all the flower seeds, and plants, undoubtedly making this the most fragrant area to visit.

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Evripidou 31
Athina 105 54 GR
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