The Citadella was built by Haszburg Franz Josef, as a fortress against the magyar threat following the failed Hungarian revolution of 1848, and helped to defeat another revolution in 1956. Today the hill gleams as a beacon of liberty out onto the city. The centrepiece being the ‘Statue of Liberty’, soviet social realism style monument that depicts a powerful, enormous woman carrying a wreath and rocketing up into the sky. Below the enormous bronze female depiction of liberty are two smaller statues of men by her side. They are allegorical depictions of progress (on the left and evil on the right). Honestly the view from here is unreal, with all the major sights and more visible in the distance. Although it can be crowded at times that is no reason not to come. Plus there are plenty of quieter vantage points in the areas just below the peak.

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Citadella sétány 1
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