Bodry and Müsskin

Bodry and Müsskin are two shops for the price of one. An upstairs / downstairs double act both operating out of Brody Sandor utca 25. Bodry is the music shop and is stocked to the hilt with unique vinyls curated by Hungarian musician, owner DJ Suhaid. On the other hand Müskinn is an eco-friendly design shop that features locally crafted pieces. You can buy unique backpacks and sophisticated printed Tees here. Browse the vinyls and get lost in the maze of designer pieces. Even if you aren’t in the mood to purchase anything it is some of the best window shopping real estate in all of Budapest and you can learn something about the crazy design culture here while you are at it. But every souvenir bought here is truly authentic so search no longer for the best gifts.

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Somogyi Béla utca 18
Budapest 1085 HU
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