Konyha, which in Hungarian means is an iconic restaurant in the center of the city. They have a very clean and refined concept of food and their presentation is friendly and not pretentious. Recently they partnered with Blitz pizza and they also serve freshly baked artisanal pizza. Their tastes mix authentic Hungarian with a lighter touch, and a bit of gastronomic flair. Breakfast of champions here is simple yet delicious. Try the salmon bagel if you’ve got a chance. For lunch and dinner the offerings change a bit and vary seasonally. I personally love it because the staff are super attentivative and it;s dog friendly, with cute pups dotted around. Also, if you happen to be here by day this is a great spot for co-working since the upstairs is filled with big tables.

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Madách Imre út 8
Budapest 1075 HU
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