Acropolis of Athens

Although now known as the Acropolis, in ancient times this hilltop Citadel was called Cecropia, in honour of Cercops, the first king of Athens who was purported as being part man, part serpent. A hub of history, this complex is home to sites that when you see, will ignite emotions of amazement and intrigue. The iconic Parthenon and many other amazing buildings enclosed within its grounds were constructed in 500 BC, a time known as the golden age of Athenian life. All under the watchful eye of the political powerhouse of the age, Pericles. Its purpose was to commemorate the political and cultural accolades of Ancient Athens. Sparing no expense, the most skilled craftsmen and materials were used to build everything inside. It’s no wonder that despite the numerous invasions and devastation, the white marble ruins of the buildings still stand, 2000 years on. Like many other Acropolis’s, its position made it the go-to place for people to worship the gods, seek refuge from the wars, and turbulence of the time. People even lived in dwellings around this spot as recently as the late 19th Century. Fast forward a few years and it’s become one the must-see spots for people visiting Athens.

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