​​Lefteris O Politis

Every city has one of those food joints that looks rough on the exterior, but knocks up grub that puts the city’s most stylish establishments to shame. In Athens, ​​Lefteris O Politis, is that place. A short stroll from Omnia square, this joint is a street food sanctuary, with locals coming here religiously to get  what many would argue is Athens’ best souvlaki, gyros and kebabs. Our insiders don’t have a top pick here, everything is so damn amazing. As expected with such a hole in the wall joint, they don’t have much seating, and the last time we checked, they only accept cash. So keep some euros before queuing up. Food aside, the hard working and friendly staff make this place even more wonderful.

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Satovriandou 20
Athina 104 32 GR
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Mon-Fri: 11am–7pm Sat: 11am–5:30pm